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Congratulations to one of the the prettiest and sweetest girls on earth and one of my favorite actresses of all the time.
Happy 20th Birthday Taissa Farmiga! ♥




today at work i asked a customer if he wanted french vanilla creamer with his coffee and he said no because he wanted the “heterosexual” creamer instead and it just blows my mind that straight people say shit about how queer people “force our sexuality on them” because i have never met a single queer person who has done something like assign a sexuality to coffee creamer

what does heterosexual creamer even mean

no homogenized milk



one time in 7th grade i was having unbearable intestinal pain like i could not move at all it hurt so bad so i went to the nurse and she sent me home and the second i got home i farted for legitimately 45 seconds and all of the pain disappeared

A deeply touching story

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woops?  priceless reaction .. 

Literally though what was she going for if she didn’t wanna show her boobs?

Exactly, like..  what did you think was going to happen haha besides, the guy or girl shes doing this for, probably wants to see her boobs  and would have eventually snuggled got married and had 3 kids.. so

Either this family has no idea how green screen souvenir photos work or they know EXACTLY how they work.